Saturday, 26 November 2011

freddie mercury nails

for the 20th anniversary of freddie's death, i painted my nails like this. when most people think of 'freddie mercury nails', they probably think of nails with pictures of freddie on them (like katy perry's russell brand nails) or nails that say 'freddie mercury'. these are more based on the nail polishes that freddie actually used himself. (sorry for the bad photo- i was running late, which is why some of the pink nails are a bit smudged as well).

during queen's glam rock phase in the 70's, freddie was big on straight hair, black eyeliner and black nail polish as part of his stage outfits (my favourite of that era being his white batwing outfit). he could only paint his left-hand nails though, which is why my left-hand nails were painted black.

freddie also wore bright pink nail polish to match his earrings, lipstick and jumper (?) in the 'i want to break free' video.

both images of freddie were found on google images and are not my own.

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