Wednesday, 11 January 2012

kurt geiger

a while ago, you may have seen a post in which i mentioned recieving a £20 kurt geiger gift card in an elle goodie bag i bought at the clothes show. yesterday, i finally decided to put that gift card to good use.

i had initially tried to spend my gift card a week or so before christmas but it wasn't being recognized as valid and i got a bit pissed off about being given a faulty card. took me a good few days to realise i needed to activate it!

so yesterday, whilst browsing through the kurt geiger website, i spotted two things i liked; these beautiful red-brown brogues, reduced to £19, and these quirky leather gloves, but in grey, reduced to £18. i settled on the brogues, but during checkout i realised they had a minimum charge of £4 for postage&packaging (during the christmas holidays, they had free postage on offer, so i totally didn't see this coming). i was pretty upset that i couldn't get them, as it would go over my gift card allowance by £3 and i wasn't willing to spend any more than was free. so i went for these things...

although i was annoyed about paying £4 for p&p, it was worth it, because my goodies arrived the this morning! i wasn't expected them to get here until at least friday.

my first purchase was these gold studded hair grips. they were reduced to £2, and, if i'm honest, i only bought them because they were so cheap and they fitted nicely into my gift card allowance with my next item and the p&p. i was purely trying to get my money's worth out of the gift card. i'm not a big fan of fancy hair things and i probably won't get much use out of these, because my love for plain black hair grips is too strong. they are pretty though and i shall love them forever!

my next purchase was this pretty wine-coloured glass triangle ring. this was £50, reduced to £13. they had a clear glass one on offer as well, but i thought the wine was much more my style and would go nicely with my hair colour (although why i was thinking it would be near my hair a lot is beyond me...). i was a bit worried that it wouldn't fit as my fingers are really thin, but the S/M size was perfect and it fits so well.

the ring looks an opaque dark purple in most pictures, and this picture shows the actual colour.

overall i'm really happy with what i got (although i'm still mourning over those red-brown brogues!) and i'm glad i got the elle goodie bag while i could. i probably would have never looked at kurt geiger's stuff if i hadn't have gotten the gift card. there's a really good sale going on at the moment on the kurt geiger website and i suggest you all have a look, because there are some real bargains on there. x

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