Wednesday, 18 April 2012

my favourite pictures from the usa

SO: as promised, there are some america-based videos coming up for you, and a lot of pictures and stuff. the first thing i was gonna do was film my usa haul (it's a lot of stuff so a post just wasn't gonna cut it) but i filmed it in 3 parts because my camera kept dying. the last 2 parts are fine but the first part was so out of sync that it made me dizzy to watch it. since filming that i've put all my stuff away so it may take me a little while to re-film the first bit of that video before i get that up for you guys. secondly, i've been too busy enjoying just watching the footage i took in the states and haven't really got around to editing it all together, so i'll try and get started on that soon.

for now, these are some of my favourite pictures that i took in orlando. i hope you like them as much as i do. :-)

(just as a heads up - this post is like super picture heavy, so, uh, sorry if that doesn't float your boat!)

see you guys soon! :-) xx

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