Monday, 25 June 2012

skeleton nails

i'm currently doing an enterprise project for my textiles a-level which means that i'm constantly sewing, dyeing fabric, using pins and needles, etc., so i have neglected my nails for a really long time because i didn't see the point of painting them just to have them ruined the next day. however i came across this image of some girl's nails and i decided to copy it. :-)

the original is much better than my take, though. i have tiny hands so my nails are very small and it's hard to get good detail, even with nail art pens. i got a lot of compliments on them though!

i used barry m's berry ice cream as a base and i added the skeleton design with the black and white nail art pens that i got in the set that i got for christmas. they're unbranded but are easily available on ebay, just search 'nail art pens' or 'black nail art pen' or something. xx

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