Monday, 27 August 2012

goodbye old friends

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this is a farewell post, as i have finally decided that i must say goodbye to my lovely blue pumps. i can no longer put up with cold, wet socks and feet when it has been raining, and my friends can no longer tolerate me saying, "wet floor, wet socks," every five seconds. although it greatly pains me, we must now part. *sobs*

i bought these shoes in primark for the grand price of £3 in early 2009. they have been my friend throughout every P.E. lesson that i had to endure through school years 9, 10, and 11. they have come with me to america, spain, whitby, and many more places. they have been my companions throughout my first year of sixth form. they have been with me through everything that has happened in the past 4 years, and now their lives have come to an end.

so this post is kind of stupid, but who cares?! these are my favourite shoes and i'm genuinely heartbroken. i wish i'd bought several pairs at the time, but who knew how much i'd grow to love them? primark do some similar shoes now but they're not as nice, and i'm nowhere near ready to fork out £40 for some low-top converse. so i'm just going to spend the rest of 2012 mourning my shoes and looking for new ones. RIP, old friends. <3 x

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  1. Oh I hate this feeling, I had to say goodbye to a pair of studded ballet pumps with zips on and I almost cried! I wished I'd bought more too! AND mine were Penneys (Primark) as well. From now on, all Penneys shoes will be bought in twos. Or fours. Y'know what I mean :)