Monday, 24 September 2012

split me open, with devotion

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beautiful flower embellished wedges - purchase here | 'das schicksal ist ein mieser verrater' by john green - purchase here | everything oz: the wizard book of makes & bakes by hannah read-baldrey & christine leech - purchase here | revlon lip butter in 'tutti frutti' - purchase here | cute rabbit night light - purchase here | 'some nights' by fun. - purchase here | beautiful embroidered dress from oasap - purchase here

oasap might just be my new favourite place to shop! i stumbled across their website recently and they stock some of the most beautiful things i have ever seen! that dress is heavenly, and reminds me of when i visited germany in 2009. it's quite expensive at $99 or roughly £60 but it would go with absolutely everything. those gorgeous flower-detail shoes are also from oasap, and i am madly in love with them! as lily from redbricklipstick says, they remind me of marc jacob's daisy and i hope i can get my hands on a pair very soon.

we all know what a huge success 'we are young' was so i was interested to see how fun. were going to follow it up, and they did not disappoint! 'some nights' came out recently and i've been listening to it on repeat ever since. lots of people on youtube have been saying that it reminds them of something queen would do? i can't hear it personally but maybe that's why i love it so much haha! i want to get my hands on the whole album and see what other amazing songs they have for me.

'das schicksal ist ein mieser verrater' is the german translation of the new york times bestseller 'the fault in our stars' (mentioned here). i got a C in german at gcse and i've nearly forgotten everything i learnt so i'm hoping to teach myself some more by reading german books, and this is the first on my list. i've also got my eye on 'eine wie alaska'.

i saw the rabbit night light in a post on louise's blog and knew i had to have it! it's a bargain at just under £5, especially as i've seen places charge more than triple for something almost identical. 'everything oz' was mentioned in october's company magazine (i LOVE the new company - so much better than your average boring fashion magazine! *cough* vogue *cough*) and this kinda thing is right up my street. i love all things oz so that'll definitely be on its way to my postbox very soon. last but not least, the revlon lip butter is just something i need. i'm not the kind of girl who can wear a statement lipstick everyday so something sheer is ideal for me, and, since i love orange lips, this looks perfect! x

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