Tuesday, 23 October 2012

warm fuzzy winter wishlist

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owl kigu - purchase here | kicker's kick hi booties in red - purchase here | gipsy speckled ribbed tights - purchase here | adventure time box set - is this real?! does it exist?! i need it! | topshop cat burglar jumper - purchase here

sometime last year, i joined the onesie hype the second it appeared. i had had a onesie when i was about 11 or 12 and missed it, so i got one of the first styles that primark brought out, which was an ugly black/yellow bumblebee thing. i've been on the hunt for a more stylish one since then, and recently i found kigu, which is an amazing company that sells all kinds of fun and cute onesies! i think the owl one is my favourite but i'm also quite partial to the giraffe and the kangaroo (and the corgi... and the flying squirrel.. okay i love them all!). kigu's are slightly pricier than your average primark onesie but you're paying for better quality, better designs, and you're helping a company that is much more kind and lovely than primark. i'm too broke to purchase one right now but this is going straight on my christmas list!

i have also fallen madly in love with adventure time. i watch it with my sister every day when she gets home from school and i get home from sixth form (it makes me miss the days where i'd run home for lizzie mcguire and that's so raven!). i can't get enough of it, it's SO GOOD. i don't know if the boxset is a 'real thing' for us in the UK but if it is then i'm getting my hands on it as soon as possible.

because i look so young, if i try to dress 'grown-up' i just look like a little girl playing dress-up in her mum's wardrobe, so i like to play up my toddler look. that is why i love these kicker's - they look like something a gorgeous little child would wear, but they come in my size! since my trusty old primark brogue's have bit the dust (much like these old favourites) i have been in need of some good, sturdy shoes, and i think these are the ones.

and, of course, what could winter be without a jumper and some woolly tights? these are my current favourites. the tights, i am madly in love with, but i feel that the jumper is a bit pricey (although gorgeous) so i think h&m will have to be my saviour here. xx

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