Sunday, 20 January 2013

wishlist - january 2013

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hello beautiful people! i feel like i haven't blogged in so so long. over the christmas period i get very lazy with things like this so i've just been delving through my drafts to find old un-published posts instead of writing shiny new ones, but i hope you can forgive me!

#1: i have been in love with this beautiful speckled topshop dress for months! (available here) ever since it came out in grey in early 2012 i have absolutely needed one, but i always feel that i accidentally wear too much grey, so when the purple came out i knew i had to have it! they also have maroon, blue, and dark green.

#2: i have been after some cute preppy socks like this for years, and a lovely girl on tumblr told me that american apparel make them. they remind me of horror films like nightmare on elm street and carrie, for some reason, and i am in love with them. (available here)

#3: i must've bought my buzz lightyear over 3 years ago now, and it recently occurred to me that he must be lonely, so i've got to get him a companion! (available here) (fyi i turned 18 recently, you'd never have guessed haha!)

#4: every american blogger out there has raved about moonrise kingdom since it was released in the states and it has just come out on dvd over here in the uk. the screenshots look phenomenal and so do the colour palette's and costumes and scenery, i must see it. (available here).

#5: i've wanted to learn to knit for a very long time, and anyone else who has been meaning to learn should definitely get the first issue of 'knit & stitch'. it comes with 2 balls of yarn, your average knitting needles, a few patterns, and a how-to-knit dvd, all for only 99p!

#6: i recently started listening to lana del rey's album after i saw lily from red brick lipstick rave about it on her blog, and i fell in love. i love the atmosphere she creates, this dusty, old hollywood, trashy-glamour beauty that is so wonderful. my current favourites are 'lolita', 'off to the races', 'national anthem', and 'born to die'. (available here).

#7: i love everything backstage; at theatres, shows, gigs, etc. i love that the lady gaga x terry richardson book is mostly photograph's taken backstage at gaga's shows, in hotel rooms, taxi's, tour bus, that kind of thing, but i thought it was too overpriced when it originally came out. if there is a shop called 'the works' anywhere near you, you should definitely head down as this book is currently only £2.99!

thank you for reading, and i promise there will be lots of new posts to come! :-) xx

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