Saturday, 6 April 2013


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on wednesday, i was having a shit day. i'd just left exciting london to come home to boring leeds, i was looking at the mountain of revision i had ahead of me, i had just been rejected for a job after an interview that went really well, and i was just having a bad day. lots of times, on bad days, i just write big rants with bad grammar on tumblr, but now some very nice people have started reading those and are concerned about me, and i don't want to worry them. so instead, i opened a new email, and wrote down everything i was feeling, and directed it towards brian may.
brian may has a kind of blog on his website, his 'soapbox', and as part of that, he can accept emails from fans. i had sent a few emails before and hadn't gotten replies of any kind (some people i know occasionally get replies from the guys who run his website), so i just put everything, all of my heart, into that email, expecting that it'd never be read. it was very nice to get it out of my system without having to worry that someone i know might read it.
on thursday morning, i woke up to possibly the best surprise i've ever had. i had an email, from brian's soapbox, and not only that, but it was signed, 'Love, Bri'. the picture of that adorable furry thing up there^ shows my reaction pretty accurately, haha!
it's all so crazy. i can't believe such an important, famous person, someone who i admire and love so much, would take the time to even read something i wrote for them, let alone reply! he didn't just reply with generic words either; he wrote such inspiring, encouraging things, just for me. he said that he understood what i felt, that he was very much like me when he was 18. he told me a story of his teenage years that i don't think anyone knows, and oh god, it feels so wonderful to know that he wanted to share that with me.
i'm so amazed that this happened. i wonder if he knows how much of a difference he's made to my life? he changed my life, and the lives of many others, forever when he worked with queen, but now i have his words, specifically for me, i can't even believe it. i'm so thankful for this, i love him more than ever.
i won't post the whole email, as it's very personal to me, and also i don't know whether brian would want it published, so i wont. sorry to anyone who actually wants to read what he wrote. if you're feeling as shit as i was that day, i highly recommend writing to brian. not only does it feel great to have that weight off your shoulders, you may end up with a return letter from one of britain's most famous and celebrated musicians. wow, that sounds so crazy! ahhh! i still can't believe he wrote back!
anyway, i'm going to stop rambling. i hope these personal posts aren't too boring for you guys, but i just had to share this. sorry, not sorry. thank you for reading! xx

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