Thursday, 8 May 2014

april wrap-up

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hello! i'm so bad at this blogging thing; every time i decide to start blogging seriously i do a week of commitment and then forget it for a month. i'm so sorry! i've been crazy busy working on my final deadline for college, which i finished and handed in on tuesday, so from now on i've got as much free time as i want to spend writing here!

'allegiant' by veronica roth (not pictured) (goodreads) - i finished this INCREDIBLE series this month and absolutely loved it. maybe i even loved it more than the hunger games? the jury is still out. i don't have it to show at the moment because i lent it to a friend. i will be speaking a lot more in depth about the series and the final book in my series review which should be up soon (i know you've been waiting, sorry again!).

'the key to the golden firebird' by maureen johnson (goodreads) - it took me a while to get into this book just because i was really too busy to be reading, but once i actually put aside the time to read i loved it. i'm not sure why but i love books with sports involved (maybe not a play-by-play of a game - the quidditch world cup scene in the harry potter books made me want to cry), like in 'the silver linings playbook' i absolutely loved reading about the football fans and things, so, being centred around softball, this was right up my street. this book is centred around a family whose father has recently passed away, and it focuses on the 3 daughters as they cope with that, and other things, in their own way. it was just exactly what i needed to read at the time and i just enjoyed reading it so much. plus - this book was published by hot key books in the uk, but it's a floppy paperback?! i love floppy paperbacks!

'a monster calls' by patrick ness (goodreads) - this book was so not what i was expecting! it's about a boy whose mother is suffering with cancer, and one day a huge monster appears in his garden calling his name. i was expecting it to be very creepy and dark, like something neil gaiman would've written, but it was actually so heartfelt and touching; i was crying at the end! i think every child should read this book, it teaches so much about coping in difficult situations and dealing with anger and things. i personally didn't read the illustrated version and i didn't feel like i was missing anything, but i'm told that the illustrations are incredible in themselves.

'2001: a space odyssey' by arthur c. clarke (goodreads) - a while back i was on a huge sci-fi kick and started reading this book, but got stuck after 30 pages. then, this month i saw it had been sitting in my 'currently reading' on goodreads for so long and i decided i had to power through it and get it out of the way. you all know how much i struggle with classics, and i definitely struggled with this. there were some sections that i loved - i especially enjoyed the dialogue between characters, but, because most of the book was based on a spaceship with a 2-man-crew, the conversation was limited, and there were some 50-odd-page sections that were pure description, which were very hard to get through - especially because those descriptions involved a lot of space-jargon that was hard to follow. the book is split into about 5 sections which jump backwards and forwards in time, which didn't help either. if you're struggling to get through a book, and you've just started getting the hang of what's happening, and then suddenly you're a few million years into the past, it made it really hard to want to keep going and try to get a hang of the new scenario. the story in itself was excellent and very interesting (a lot of the 'incredible' technology seemed normal to me because space travel is something we can already do, but when you think about how this book was written before the moon landing, then it becomes incredible) but i just did not enjoy reading it at all.

so those are all the books i read in april! sorry again for the long absence guys, i promise you i'll have a lot of new posts up soon! thanks for reading!

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