Friday, 30 May 2014

friday reads - 30th may 2014

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hey guys! i have a super quick friday reads for you today!

at the moment i'm about 100 pages into 'tiger lily' by jodi lynn anderson and absolutely LOVING IT! it is essentially a retelling-ish of peter pan but centered around tiger lily and it is set before peter met wendy. peter pan is my favourite disney film and i love all things relating to it so of course this book was right up my street. it's also told from the perspective of tinkerbell which i love! it's really interesting to have the narrator fall in love with the 'love interest' but the protagonist to be completely indifferent. (we all know tink is in love with peter right? that's not a spoiler, is it?)

i'm working 8am-9pm tomorrow (yikes, but i love my job, so it's okay) and then starting my new exciting summer job on sunday by working a 7am-1pm shift, so i won't have much time to read, but i do plan on reading around 100+ pages of 'tiger lily' tonight and then hopefully finishing it on sunday afternoon. and, if by some miracle, i have time left over after that, i'm going to pick up 'across the universe' by beth revis, which i'm so excited to finally own! i've been hearing so much about this book for months and i can't wait to read it - i don't know much about it other than all the characters are put to sleep to be awoken for an event in the future, but the protagonist is woken up early when she is almost murdered. it sounds a lot like 'more than this' by patrick ness what with the whole 'hibernation' thing, and you guys know how much i loved that book (i included it in my 'top books of 2013' post).

so yep! thanks for reading guys, and please do let me know what you'll be reading this weekend in the comments! x

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