Saturday, 7 June 2014

ensnared by a.g. howard cover reveal!

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OH MY GOD! okay, so you guys know how much i love the 'splintered' series by a.g. howard, right? it's a re-telling of 'alice in wonderland', i wrote about it here and here, and i have not been able to stop thinking about the world and the characters since i finished 'unhinged' in march. this month we got the extremely exciting cover reveal for the final book in the trilogy, 'ENSNARED', which is due to be published in january 2015, which is far too long to wait for me. anyway: THE COVER! oh my god it's so beautiful! i didn't think they could top the beauty of the previous two but WOW. i want to hire the artist to illustrate my whole life. also, is that jeb?! because whoa. i was so not attracted to jeb at all when i was reading the books (team morpheus all the way) but hello! he's pretty hot. i'm thinking that a.g. howard is really going to up the intensity of the love triangle in 'ensnared' and making jeb this gorgeous is definitely going to make it a lot more interesting to read, because otherwise i would've just been rooting for morpheus the whole time.

the colour choice is so perfect as well, red was completely the right direction to go in. plus jeb tends to get quite aggressive in defending alyssa and things so making him look all fiery and angry is PERFECT. also it's quite a dark, sinister cover too, isn't it? maybe red symbolises danger here? is that an exciting hint to the plot of the book?! eeeep! i love the venus fly traps too, and the green heart eyes, and ahhh I JUST LOVE IT. it's completely re-ignited my excitement for the series. okay i'm going to stop now, because i'm getting rambly and i'll just go on and on for hours.

are you guys as excited as i am?! i can't wait! x

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