Tuesday, 19 August 2014

july wrap-up

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hi guys! sorry that i've been gone a little while but i'm back now with my july wrap-up for you! let's get right into it!

'fly on the wall' by e. lockhart (goodreads) - 'fly on the wall' is about a girl who goes unnoticed in school and wishes she could be a fly in the boys locker room, and the next day she wakes up and she is one. there's lots of observing and reflecting going on but nothing really happens, you just get some interesting insights into various people who go to her school. i didn't find the book particularly exciting but i do love e. lockhart's writing style so it was a pleasure to read.

'say her name' by james dawson (goodreads) - 'say her name' is about the classic 'bloody mary'/'say the name in the mirror' story line that we've all heard several times before, so it's not exactly an original premise, but it doesn't pretend to be, which i liked. it accepts it's been done before and doesn't try to pretend that it's unique, which really worked in its favour. i really enjoyed this book and it definitely succeeded in scaring me a few times. james' writing style is also really refreshing and very honest to how teenagers actually talk and act nowadays. my only issue with the book is that i felt like the last chapter/epilogue could have been fleshed out a bit more to give a bit more of an explanation, but that's my only bad point.

'scott pilgrim' #1, #2, and #3 by bryan lee o'malley (goodreads 1, 2, 3) - i've been re-reading the 'scott pilgrim' series in anticipation of bryan's new book 'seconds', and i've absolutely adored getting back into this world. i first read it many, many years ago and i really think it is the best graphic novel series out there. i'm sure you all know the premise but if you don't, it's about a guy called scott who has to defeat all the ex-boyfriends of his new girlfriend. i forgot just how much more you learn about the characters in the books than in the film (which is excellent in itself, by the way), like i loved reminding myself all about kim - i love kim!

'life, the universe and everything' by douglas adams (goodreads) - another episode in the fabulous 'hitchikers' series that i am loving! the characters, the setting, the writing, the brilliant british humour! there's really no way i could ever sum it up and do it justice (although i did try here). i love it, go check it out!

'shades of earth' by beth revis (goodreads) - obviously this is the last book in a series so i can't really tell you what happens. the basis for the series is a portion of the world's population which has been sent up in a spaceship to reach a new-found habitable planet in 300 years time, and about how that situation works socially, environmentally, politically, and so on. the premise is excellent and i found this series so interesting. i have mixed thoughts about 'shades of earth' but i love the series as a whole, and i'll be writing a full series review for you guys soon.

'lola and the boy next door' by stephanie perkins (goodreads) - this book follows lola, a costume designer, and cricket, an inventor, as the main couple. i really liked it but it is just a fluffy romance story - nothing too exciting. although a book about a costume designer seems right up my street i found lola to be really annoying, and stephanie perkins used to whole overdone 'wears a new costume everyday' quirky character profile that i hate. when you push the quirky, eccentric character to the extremes like stephanie did it just becomes an unrealistic joke. also, has anyone seen 'the confessions of a teenage drama queen'? lindsay lohan's character also demands to be called 'lola' and is exactly the same. SO OVERDONE. (lindsay is great though) despite that, i really did learn to like lola, and oh wow, did i love cricket! he's my ideal man and i want him to be real so bad haha. i love the name 'cricket' too. plus, there were lots of themes in this book that i adored - it was like it was tailored specifically for me. costumes and figure skating?! yes please! overall, i have mixed feelings, but i recommend giving it a go and making up your own mind. i definitely did prefer it to 'anna and the french kiss' though, and i'm very exciting to read 'isla and the happily ever after' soon!

'landline' by rainbow rowell (goodreads) - i wrote a whole review on this book (linked here) so i won't say too much, but i LOVED it. it's essentially about a woman who has a fight with her husband and she tries to contact him through her old phone at her parents house, only to find that he answers from the past, back when they had their first big argument as a couple. i gave it 5/5 stars! everything rainbow writes is perfect!

'rookie yearbook two' edited by tavi gevinson (goodreads) - i also wrote a review on this book (linked here), a physical yearly publication of the absolutely perfect rookie mag online website for teenage girls. go check it out!

thanks for reading guys! again, sorry for leaving this blog for a little while, i've been so busy with work, but i've still been reading and i've got a lot of reviews lined up for you in the next few weeks, so keep checking back. hope you're having a lovely day. xx

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