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i am currently accepting review copies of a wide variety of genres (see list below). i accept ARC's and finished copies but i do not accept (and am not interested in) audiobooks and e-books. if the book is part of a series, then i may need the previous books in said series. i will consider indie press books and self-published books but acceptance of a review request would be entirely based on my interest in the story/plot/book itself.


i enjoy and will read/review both adult and YA fiction in the following genres: contemporary, fantasy, horror, thriller, romance, dystopian, science fiction, paranormal.
i also enjoy graphic novels, and non-fiction books relating to theatre, stage productions, film, fashion, art, costume, and music.

currently i do not accept, read, or enjoy books of the following genres: biographies/autobiographies, 'issues' books or 'hot button' books, political, humour, historical fiction, gothic or supernatural romance, poetry, religion, cookbooks.

further information on books i have read and books i would like to read can be found on my goodreads page. there are, of course, exceptions to all of these rules so please feel free to send me an email even if i've stated that i don't like the genre (for example, there are lots of celebrity autobiographies i would love to read, but of course it depends on the celebrity).


i mention and discuss every book i read in my monthly wrap-up posts and i talk about books on twitter, instagram, and goodreads, so publicity for your book is guaranteed. however, i cannot guarantee that i will write a full review of your book. i obviously intend to read every book i receive, but i prioritise my reading list based on personal preference (for example, if i'm really interested in your book it will probably get read a lot sooner - and therefore a lot closer to the release date - than a book that i'm not that excited about). whether or not i write a review about a book is also based on personal preference, although we can discuss any review/timing requirements you may have and i will be perfectly happy to consider putting a book to the top of my tbr pile for you.

my reviewing style is relaxed and conversational - i do not claim to be an expert on literature and i cannot guarantee that my reviews will be objective. my reviews are fair and honest, but not always positive. my enjoyment of a book is based on exactly that; enjoyment. all my reviews are personal to me and i am always informative about my own reading experience.

my reviews usually feature the following: cover art/production, book stats and a plot summary, where/how i received the book, links to the relevant companies involved (including the publisher), links to the books goodreads page, and my review. my monthly wrap-ups do not contain spoilers but my individual reviews usually do, in which case i always put a spoiler warning in the title of the post.

for review requests and any other enquiries relating to swings & watercolours, please email me at:

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