Tuesday, 1 November 2011

further education

hello :) i've not posted here for a while and, i don't know, it just seems like i never do anything or have anything worthy of a post. i've been drowning in schoolwork recently so whenever i do something that won't count towards my courses or get me ucas points, i feel like i'm being unproductive, so i've been avoiding spending too long on the computer. i haven't really had time to think about posting anything, never mind actually doing it. i thought i might post some of my schoolwork but i don't know. my art coursework comes across very badly in photos (not that it's very good anyway) and it takes too long to scan things. my textiles coursework is coming along really nicely but i don't think you guys would be interested in design specifications or brief analysis'. i'm not sure you'd be too interested in my psychology work either. so i don't know.

today i did two hours of psychology, played around on the animation studios on the apple macs in the art rooms (me and lauren make bloody good films), ate lots of halloween sweets and had mcdonalds for lunch. me and lauren also built a little paper ship, ate pizza and went to a meeting about doing the duke of edinburgh bronze award. what an exciting life i lead! ha.

so yeah. i'm not sure what to post. i think i'll post some of my own artwork, like, stuff that i've done that wasn't coursework for school. it won't be much though, just the stuff that's already been scanned onto my laptop, which is just 3 (i think) drawings of members of queen (fangirl alert). for now you can have this grainy awkwardly-lit photo that my camera churned out. x

p.s. if anyone's interested, 'we will rock you' has now officially arrived in my hometown and their first show is about to start in a few minutes. they'll be here for 26 days, i think, and i have tickets for the 24th. if you're going then i'd love to know! and if you've been then i'd love to know what you thought of it. :)

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