Tuesday, 15 November 2011

art coursework

this is what takes up the majority of my life now. with textiles and psychology, i feel like i'm doing my bit and i'm getting by fine and i'll get the grades i want. with art, it feels like i could spend every second of every day working and i still might get to the end of a project for my teacher to say it's only at a grade C (which is what's been happening and is not what i want). then i've reached the deadline for that project and have to start a new one, and whilst juggling that i also have to bump up the other project to a grade A, and keep up with my other courses. right now i'm keeping everything up to speed, let's hope it stays that way. :)

p.s. i've been a good blogger and planned a few posts, although they may be late or a long time in the future, so keep your eyes peeled. x

p.p.s if you'd seen this blog in the earlier days, one of the first posts i had up was my opinions on the x factor. i wrote that just after this years auditions had finished, but i deleted it because i didn't feel like it fit in with the rest of my posts and it was generally just me rambling on for a very long time about nothing really. since then, i've started to go a bit mad and i'm suddenly really opinionated on the x factor. i don't know if this blog is a place for my rants so as a little test, this is a little preview, if you will, that i posted on my tumblr a while ago. i'm not sure. maybe i'll post them anyway. we'll see. x

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