Friday, 18 November 2011

halloween nails

colours i used: rimmel 'pro matte finish' matte top coat, models own 'red alert', models own 'black magic', models own 'juicy jules'

the only 'halloween' part of this was my thumb nails, which had the dripping blood design. i was really proud of how it came out as it was my first try, but looking at this extreme close-up i realise they were far from perfect, ha! i used this tutorial to do them but if you want a quick summary then here you go:

  1. choose your nail polish (brand, colour, etc. - red is obviously the best for the blood design but i've experimented with other colours and they all look equally as good) and drip a few blobs onto a piece of greaseproof baking paper.
  2. take a nail or a pin (or anything with a sharp point) and dip it into the blobs of nail polish on the greaseproof paper, then draw on your dripping blood design. (i found it easier to paint the tip of my nail red first, and then add the dripping parts). then you're done!
as a base for this design, i used rimmel's matte base/top coat, which meant i couldn't use a clear top coat as it would ruin the matte base (not that i have a clear top coat anyway, mine ran out a few months ago). however, it would probably be best to use a clear top coat for this design to stop it chipping away faster. if you try this design then please leave me a comment or send me a picture, i'd love to see them. :) x

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