Thursday, 1 March 2012

nails of the day - 01.03.12 - usa

since i have less than a month to go until i go to florida, i decided to test out my new nail art pens and recreate the usa flag! these were really easy to do, although they took a little while as i had to wait for the base to dry before i could do the stripes, and then the stripes had to dry before i could do the blue bits, etc. 

i used 17 lasting fix nail polish in 'mini skirt' as a base. i also used my rimmel lycra prop matte finish mattifying topcoat as i still have yet to get a plain clear coat nail polish and i didn't want to chance any unwanted chipping. 

i also used these nail art pens that i got for christmas. they're un-branded, they came from china and my mum ordered them from ebay. i think they were around £8 for a set of 24. obviously they're not the best polishes ever and you don't get to choose the colours, but they do me just fine for amateur nail art. they're so cheap that you can't really go wrong - you can get sets of 60 pens for £20! be warned though - these smell horrible! brand nail polishes usually use scents to disguise the chemical smell and these smell awful. i'd use them with a window open and not to near your face if i were you! 

i store my nail art pens in this cute little plastic crate. it was 99p and from wilkinsons, and is the perfect size and height!

thanks for reading. :) xx


  1. Your nails look amazing! Makes me wish that I could grow mine.

  2. Love these nails you clever little thing! Cute blog too :)

    Penny x