Sunday, 10 June 2012

what to wear at disney world

yeah, it's pretty much safe to say that this little moodboard is the female version - BUT for boys, it is pretty much exactly the same, except with longer shorts and male-character disney head-wear. :-)

this is all i ever saw teenagers wearing when i was at disney world. i felt out of place in my primark pumps and frilly socks haha. i mostly made this for myself because i always seem to be over/under-dressed at places like this, so this'll remind me. this is an easy, simple way to dress there, basically. you want to be able to walk around all day (hence the comfy shoes) but also not look like you're going on a hike or something.

disney ears or hats, you can get pretty much anywhere at any disney theme park gift shop. to get the badges, you can go to guest services (check your park maps!) and you can say you're celebrating a day out, or it's your first visit, or your birthday, anniversary, etc. and they'll give you a badge. people like to make a fuss of those who wear badges, just so you know haha! xx

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