Friday, 8 June 2012

grab it by the testicle

i've been posting nearly every day this week because i've been so inspired to write and so happy that i haven't got stuff to do (since i just finished all my AS courses - see here). but i hate being inconsistent, and i know that if i blog every day this week then there'll be a several-weeks-long dry spell where i have nothing to blog about.

BUT i just had to share this with everyone. it's a poem called "grab it by the testicle" and it was written by hank green, who i am madly in love with (apparently i'm madly in love with everyone... but gosh he's so adorable). i started watching this video not realising it was a poem and then half way through, i was just like "OH GOD I HAVE FOUND THE GREATEST THING EVER," and then i did this for about twenty minutes:

gif found via google!

i love this so much. it's so perfect. i don't have any decent words right now. please watch it and join me in this speechlessness. 

hank green is one half of vlogbrothers which is a youtube channel in which two brothers, hank green and john green, make amazing videos. you may know john green as he is the author of amazingly popular books such as looking for alaska and the fault in our stars (my post of tfios here). i keep trying to share vlogbrothers with my friends but they don't seem interested so i thought you guys might be a more welcoming audience. please, please, please visit their channel and watch some videos because i know for sure you will love them as much as i do. xx

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