Wednesday, 6 June 2012

right now

this is an accurate representative of the size of my face; yep, it's big.

reading right now
charla vail's blog: i just love her. i went through her whole blog, finish to start, this week. she's amazing and so talented and beautiful and uh. i just wish i was her. she's perfect. read here.
miss peregrine's home for peculiar children: my sister bought this book in super target when we were in america. it hasn't been published for very long and it's already a best-seller. it's a collection of found abnormal photograph's strung together by this amazing adventure/mystery-esque story. lovin' it. you can buy it here.

watching right now
make it or break it: have i mentioned this tv show before? it ties in my two loves - gymnastics and american teen drama. it just makes me sad that i never did gymnastics when i was younger haha.
sex and the city: remember ages ago in swingsandwatercolours history when i bought the sex and the city boxset? yeah, i still haven't watched it. since i have a week of pure freedom i've started working my way through it. (fyi - big was so hot in the first season!)

listening to right now
jonathan coulton - re: your brains: a hilarious but amazing song about zombies, introduced to me by the lovely john green of vlogbrothers in this video. listen here.
the beatles - in my life: the most familiar song i've ever heard. it sounds like my childhood. i grew up on the beatles. listen here.
glee - paradise by the dashboard light: their cover reminded me how much i love this song. this was from the best episode ever. i cried and danced and laughed and they did such good songs. pinball wizard, paradise by the db l, and we are the champions? YES. listen here.
florence + the machine - shake it out: this makes me cry. it's so beautiful. i love it. listen here.
pink floyd - the entire 'dark side of the moon' album: this album got me through a week of solid psych revision. thank you. i loved every minute of it. listen here.
guns n roses - november rain: this was in my head all throughout my psych exam. it's a good song for writing. listen here.
bruce springsteen - thunder road: introduced to me by a girl that i don't really like. she has good taste in music though. listen here.
kate bush - wuthering heights: what can i say, other than this song is perfect. a notable mention is noel fielding's take on the video. listen here.
super heroes - from the rocky horror picture show: my childhood was based on this film, thank you sophie for showing me something that will live with me forever. listen here.
i'm going home - from the rocky horror picture show: ^what she said. listen here.

other thing's right now
being tweeted by celebrities: you may remember a while ago, i dedicated a whole post to my love for ryan matthew cohn. i was on a big oddities-watching spree in march and tweeted that^. on the 27th of may he tweeted me back. i can't help feeling that he was probably terrified by my creepy comment but OH MY GOD HE TWEETED ME.
constantly eating rolo cookies: yum. that is all.
sketching: i'm very close to finishing my first ever non-school sketchbook. it's almost totally full so i've been working really hard to get all my un-finished sketches, finished. inspiration from charla helps too (see above).  maybe when it's done i'll get the scanner out and show you all.
writing to-do lists: since i'll be having a lot of free time on my hands very soon, i wrote this little list of things i want to do this year;

  • read all the books in my 'to read' pile (before buying any more!)
  • save up an emergency fund of money for when important, unexpected things occur, such as the announcement of concerts, etc.
  • use my free month on netflix and watch as many films and tv shows as is humanly possible in that month
  • create at least 50 pieces of artwork for myself - i.e. not for coursework
  • dye my hair semi-permanently
  • plan every patch for a patchwork quilt i plan to make at some point
  • finish my current sketchbook and then start another one
  • attempt my first ever flip-book animation (may need to get a light box for this one). xx

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