Tuesday, 5 June 2012

the smallest haul ever

sorry for the really blurry phone photo. you're not supposed to take photo's in city varieties but i figured i could risk one teeny tiny blackberry photo to post on twitter. i absolutely loved that night, seeing a guy that i've loved for five years be hilarious and lovely in person was perfect. :-)

i bought this bag from the merch stand on my way out. it says 'simon amstell numb' on the back and i love it. i always think these cotton totes are a weird shape - too square for a4 folders - but i bought it anyway. it was £8. they had signed dvd's but i already had a copy of his first tour so i didn't buy one. 

i tried really hard to find other stuff that i bought to put in a haul but this is it. i just haven't been buying anything. when i got back from america, they announced the queen gigs and i was flat broke, so i've been trying to save up £100 to put in an envelope and save for emergencies, like needing to see brian and roger play live sometime in the future. maybe i'll never shop again, i haven't missed it. xx

1 comment:

  1. since you love queen, i just had to fallow you :)
    and since you love shopping and books, i really had to!
    nice one
    flw back if you want
    bye from germany