Thursday, 26 July 2012


none of these images belong to me. they were all saved to my computer so they're probably all from places scattered around the internet. if you're the owner or know the owner of any of these images, let me know and i'll give them a source link. 

my life hasn't been that exciting lately; mostly just wrecking my journal and watching the last series of sex and the city before i have to ship it off to the winning bidder (here). in a few weeks i'll mostly just be watching the olympics. my family and i are going to whitby sometime this month for my sisters birthday and then hopefully i'm off to london for a day trip in august so i'll have some fun stuff to write about then.

i've been so inspired to do stuff lately but i haven't really got the money to fund these projects. so i'm going to share the inspiration around with you guys so hopefully you'll do something more productive with it. xx

p.s. IT'S ROGER TAYLOR'S BIRTHDAY! happy birthday gorgeous <3 i was considering doing a whole post dedicated to him but i already did one of those this month for brian may, and i don't just want to constantly flood my blog with photo's of queen haha. like, let's not get crazy with this! so just enjoy this picture of his loveliness and sing happy birthday for him, or something. xx

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