Monday, 2 July 2012


reading right now
wicked: as mentioned in this post! i'm absolutely loving it. it's like lord of the rings meets wizard of oz. because of the big premise and the whole new universe that gregory maguire has created, i thought it'd be quite difficult to read, but it flows so easily! though i do sometimes read over ozian words and can't remember at all what they mean, it doesn't affect the story too much. also, elphaba is probably the most interesting character that i've ever read about; i love her!

watching right now
vlogbrothers: okay, it's gotten to the point now where every post i make mentions vlogbrothers and it has got to stop. unless i make a post purely vlogbrothers-related, this is the last i will say about them! watch here.
doctor who: i missed a lot of episodes of doctor who when matt smith took over because i couldn't really see him as the doctor. he's now my favourite doctor, so i'm going back and watching all the episodes i missed on virgin 'on demand'. :)
extreme couponing: I LOVE THIS SHOW! reason #14354353 why i wish i was american: i could extreme coupon. i'm addicted to watching it. people buy $1000 worth of shopping and pay $2?! it blows my mind every single time. too bad we can't do it in the uk. :-(

listening to right now
elton john - goodbye yellow brick road: this song is perfect and beautiful. i'm on a bit of a wizard of oz hype. listen here.
alex day - good morning sunshine: i recently delved into alex day's youtube channel and i'm in love with his music! this has been in my head for days. listen here.
alex day feat. carrie hope fletcher - this kiss: ^what she said. listen here.
all american rejects - beekeeper's daughter: i've never been a big fan of aar, other than the obvious hits like 'gives you hell' and 'dirty little secret'. this is the best come-back single ever. i love the music-stops in the chorus haha, "laaaadadadada *CLAP*". listen here.
rhod stewart - i don't wanna talk about it: my parents introduce me to good music a lot. they know how to raise their kids right. listen here.
jackson 5 - i'll be there: i've loved this song for the longest time but never realised the lead vocal was michael jackson! listen here. (on another note, recently we passed the 3 year anniversary of michael's death. rip darling. you were a beautiful person and you made beautiful things. thank you.)
sublime - santeria: i heard this song play on the radio a lot when i was in orlando and i've only just got around to finding it on youtube. it's not my kind of music or a band i'd usually like but i pretty much just love this song to death. listen here. 
paloma faith - picking up the pieces: i love paloma and her new album is phenomenal. that is all. listen here.

sorry about the blurry phone photo's! these are just some of the cushions we made to sell, and this is the patchwork table-cloth that we made to decorate our stall at the summer fair. 

other things right now
raising money: my textiles group have been manically sewing fabric to make cushions, headbands and hair scrunchies to sell to raise money for the make a wish foundation. we sold lots around school but we finished the official 'project' on saturday when we had a stall at our schools summer fair. we didn't sell everything - we'll be selling around the local community again soon! - so our total is yet to rise, but right now we've raised £214.49! :)
couponing: more on this later! keep your eyes peeled for future posts!
planning for christmas: i know it's way too early haha but i'm so excited already! i've started putting money aside to buy the most amazing presents ever for my family this year. i've been treated so much this year but my parents never treat themselves and it's time to change that.
collecting prospectus' for university: i ordered a massive 36 prospectus' recently because i missed the 'higher education fair' and felt guilty about not being able to pick any up. i don't have to think about university for another year because i'm doing an art and design foundation course first, but it's nice to be prepared! xx

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