Monday, 9 July 2012

bingley live 2011

not sure if i've mentioned this on this blog before but last year, sometime at the start of september, i went to a music festival called 'bingley live' with two of my friends. it's quite a small festival; there's only one stage and, as you can see, it's not very big. but we definitely wanted to experience 'festival season' that year and bingley live is not only local, but also quite cheap (last year we paid £35 each for a weekend ticket - friday night was free - and £14 each to camp for the weekend in lane's end farm, which is the closest camp site to the festival). camping is not really my thing; i hate bugs and i ached for the whole weekend after one night of sleeping on ellie's camping mat, but i did really enjoy the music and the festival atmosphere, so i'd definitely go again. some other friends who were there at the time went 'glamping', which is like camping but indoors with electricity and running water, and i think that's more suited to me. 

1. dionne bromfield (she was really good live! one of the best acts) - 2. ellie - 3. a guy dressed as pikachu that we followed to the festival on the first night - 4. some men in hawaiian costumes that we always seemed to be sat near - 5. lauren in the 'circus skills' area - 6. ellie and lauren and dry shampoo - 7. lauren - 8. eliza doolittle - 9. cookin' breakfast. xx

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I'm not a huge fan of camping either :)