Thursday, 19 July 2012

west yorkshire playhouse costume dept.

on tuesday, me and all the a-level textiles girls went on a trip to the costume department of our local theatre to try on costumes as research for our textiles project. it's amazing in there! they pretty much let you just walk in and try on some costumes, i loved it! 

my project is based on the book / musical 'wicked' so i was looking for big ball gowns, victorian-style clothes, big elaborate dresses, and obviously, any wizard of oz things that i could get my hands on. there was actually a huge wizard of section in the back which i got really excited about. 

so this is just going to be quite a picture-heavy post about the costume department and the outfits i tried on :-) hope you guys enjoy! 

so the first thing i tried on was a wedding dress! i wandered around for maybe 20 minutes being a bit disheartened because i couldn't find anything that i thought would fit me, and i didn't want to put something on that swamped me and then feel shit about myself. the first 'small' thing i found was this wedding dress so i had to try it on but i ended up getting stuck in it and spending 10 minutes wrestling my way out haha, oops...

the most beautiful dress ever! i was so in love with this thing! i've actually written a whole post on it because i loved it that much, which'll be up soon. :-)

second favourite dress of the day! it was a tim-burton style ball gown. it was fully-boned and really heavy, and the train drove me mad haha, it was hell trying to walk around in that thing! i felt like helena bonham carter in sweeney todd in this. :-)

munchkinlander shoes! i was so in love with them but they were really battered and two sizes too big :-(

ruby slipper tap shoes! sparkly red tap shoes have actually been on my shopping list for years and years, since i saw 'wizard of oz' at the playhouse when i was about 12, so i was really excited to see these :-)

my friend tyla trying on this INSANE showgirl costume that the costume dept. guys called the "feathers" haha.

munchkinland heaven!

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