Friday, 28 December 2012

12 things to do in 2012 revisited

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01: go to disneyworld. DONE! and it was the most fabulous, beautiful, amazing two weeks of my life.
02: try taco bell. not done! i never actually got the chance to visit a taco bell when i was in the states but in the summer i visited manchester and there is a taco bell in the arndale centre. i actually got up to taco bell to order but everything looked and smelt disgusting so i just decided to give it a miss for fear that it'd make me ill.
03: read at least 10 books. DONE! i actually read 14. post on the books i read here.
04: don't spend money on food when i have food from home in my bag. so i had a few slips, rome wasn't built in a day! overall i'd say this one was pretty successful, though.
05: have my hair cut. DONE! moving on.
06: try really hard with my art alevels. DONE! well, i tried hard. my art teacher, however, got lazy before her holiday to barcelona and incorrectly marked my work and prevented me from getting anything above a pass. thanks a lot! but it's fine.
07: sketch in my own time, for myself, away from sixth form. DONE! i finished a whole sketch book and am about 1/4 of my way into a new one.
08: use my new sewing machine to make at least one thing. DONE! i turned a dress into a skirt and i sewed a cute tartan dress from scratch, although neither fit very well.
09: listen to some new music. DONE! everything from the soundtrack of wicked to lana del rey to kate bush to one direction to alex day.
10: clear out my room and put some things in the loft. not done. after several attempted clearouts i realised that i wanted to keep all of my stuff. oh well!
11: continue with split training. well, yes and no. i tried once at the start of the year but gave up because it was wrecking havoc upon my knees. once the olympics came round in the summer, however, i was inspired to start again and i bought a yoga mat to save my knees and make the whole thing more comfortable. then the olympics finished and all my inspiration left. but now i am inspired again and i'm determined to do it this time!
12: make more of an effort with my outfits. DONE! i definitely do put more thought into what i wear nowadays. i plan on dressing to impress a lot more when i go to art college next year, so maybe we'll have a lot more outfit posts coming up!

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