Wednesday, 2 January 2013

13 things to do in 2013

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1. dress cute every day (at least at art college). i know i won't be able to dress very 'out there' at sixth form so this one'll start in september, but i just want to start dressing how i want to and not wearing the same safe outfit every day.
2. read at least 15 books. i know 15 is not a lot, considering lots of people regularly smash the 50 book challenge, but i do a lot of arts subjects which really eat up my time and i'm still unemployed so don't have a lot of money to spend on books, so i think 15 is a good amount, and i do plan on reading more than that.
3. go see at least 3 shows: either music, theatre or comedy. i wasted a lot of time and energy in 2012 trying to get friends to go see shows that they weren't interested in and ending up missing out. i've since realised i can go to any show by myself so that is what i'll be doing a lot in 2013!
4. get an A (full marks) on my textiles coursework. textiles is my favourite course that i've ever taken and i've gotten an A every other year that i've done it, so i definitely need to go out on a high.
5. pass psychology. so i'm not as ambitious with psych as it is entirely exam based and i suck at exams, so a pass is good enough for me!
6. make at least 3 things from scratch with my sewing machine. last year i managed to almost finish a dress and turn an old dress into a skirt, both of which don't fit, so this year i have to make at least 3 good things.
7. visit london. this is already booked as my birthday treat so i'm very excited :) i can't wait!
8. get my splits. i have been stretching every day again and it's going pretty well so if i don't give up then i should get my splits some time in 2013.
9. get braces. this one is kind of pre-determined and i can't go back on this one, since i've already had some teeth out and if i don't get the brace to fill the gaps then i'll look weird for the rest of my life. yep!
10. get a job. this is a main one for me, and... yeah.
11. go out and get reasonably intoxicated at least once. i'll be 18 this year and i'm still yet to ever drink more than 1.5 vodka and cokes in any one evening. also i need an occasion to wear my new fake lita's.
12. get into art college. this one is a necessity.
13. make at least 5 stop-motions. i'm not sure if this one will happen; i was really inspired in 2012 to dabble in animation but i know that it isn't really worth anything as i can't use it for a portfolio as it isn't relevant and it's not the career i want to go in. so as i move onto art college and start focusing in on costume design, maybe this'll get pushed out of the way. but i hope not, as i really love stop-motion.

happy new year guys! :-) x

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  1. I'm looking at Costume design for 2013 entry too! Goodluck with your challenges.