Monday, 28 January 2013

the river's just a river

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dress - topshop petite (available here) | leggings - h&m |  belt - primark

hello beautiful people! it's been snowing a lot in the uk recently and the daylight has been all lovely and white, so i thought it was the perfect time to take some outfit photo's. i treated myself to this stunning new dress last weekend as a treat for finishing my exams, it's actually a lot more purple than it seems on photo's, with yellow and green specks, it's beautiful! i got it in a size 6 but it's still quite baggy, so i paired it with this simple  black belt from primark that i've had for years.
these leggings are the new loves of my life. i stumbled across them in h&m on boxing day for the grand price of £5.99 and fell head over heels. they are so fabulous! they remind me of the wicked witch of the east from the wizard of oz, with her lovely striped tights and ruby slippers sticking out from under dorothy's house. i actually did buy some beautiful red glitter shoes over the christmas break, and they would look amazing with these leggings, haha!
i've been quite busy since the beginning of january, with exams, coursework, and various projects. i finished my first stop-motion of 2013 on saturday and am currently working on the second, so a post on those will be up soon! but other than that, i really don't have much else to report to you guys, so i will keep this short and sweet! thank you so much for visiting! xx

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