Wednesday, 27 February 2013

review: o.p.i. skyfall collection mini's

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left to right: 'live and let die' | 'the world is not enough' | 'goldeneye' | 'the spy who loved me'

hello beautiful people! for christmas my lovely mum bought me this stunning o.p.i. nail polish mini's set. my local hairdresser's actually stocks a lot of o.p.i., and she just picked up the set with the colours that she thought i'd like the most when she last had her hair cut. i am a huge fan of dark sparkly polishes so she chose the perfect ones for me! (apparently the other choices were pastels and a selection of bright pinks). i won't give you the details of my hairdressers, but you can purchase this set here. i've spent the last month trying out these beauties so now i can tell you exactly what i thought!

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top left: 'live and let die' | top right: 'the world is not enough' | bottom left: 'goldeneye' | bottom right: 'the spy who loved me'

my favourite polish of the collection is 'live and let die'. it's a beautiful sparkly black with green and silver undertones, and looks so lovely on my pale skin. from afar it looks like a plain black but then it shimmers with such stunning colours in the light, i LOVE it. 'the world is not enough' is another polish that i loved; a shimmery silver with green, pink, purple tones. i thought this was kind of a unique and interesting take on a nude or subtle nail colour and it is so beautiful on.
'goldeneye' is the only polish that i wasn't head over heels with. firstly, it looks very opaque in the bottle, but is definitely more of a glitter top-coat when actually applied on the nails. i also found it quite difficult to take off; o.p.i. clear coats are incredibly strong, which is what the gold glitter flecks were suspended in, so it took me a while to get all the glitter off. however, it is gorgeous, and i think it would look lovely over a pale polish (perhaps models own 'utopia'?). the last polish is 'the spy who loved me', which i was avoiding using, to be honest. in the bottle it looks like a very strong red with gold flecks, which i didn't think would suit me, but on the nails it is actually a beautiful dark raspberry red and i ADORE it.
my only complaint with these polishes is that they are all sparkly and contain really fine glitter. other than 'goldeneye', i had no problem removing any of them, but i did notice that the glitter went all over my fingers when i was taking the polish off. i'm not sure if this is more of a comment on my nail polish remover than the actual nail polish, but i felt like it was worth noting.

so that is it! i hope you guys found this useful. please let me know if you bought any of the 'skyfall' polishes and what you thought of them. this is only a small sample of the 'skyfall' range so i'd love to read your reviews on the others - please link them below! thank you so much for reading! xx

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