Wednesday, 26 June 2013

through the dark turns and noise, of this wicked little town

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hello, long time no see! sorry it's been such a while since i last posted anything, up until the 12th of june i was working very hard to finish my a-levels and revising for my last exams, and after that i spent 1 week relaxing and being lazy. the other big exciting thing that's been keeping me busy is i've finally got an actual scary job like an adult! last week, on tuesday, i had a job interview and they offered me the job straight away! i had my induction on thursday and friday, then my first weekend of work on saturday/sunday, then i was working yesterday and today. i'm finding the work to be not so difficult but the whole responsibility/grown-up side to it is freaking me out a little, which is why i've spent my free time since i started watching mind-numbing tv and sleeping. i'm very excited to be finally earning some money though, and i plan on spending my first wage on a ticket to see elton john at the new leeds arena in september, which i'm very excited about. :)

currently listening to:
'the origin of love' - hedwig and the angry inch film soundtrack: i recently watched the film 'hedwig and the angry inch' for the first time; not only is it amazing, but it has the best soundtrack for a musical that i've ever heard. if you think that showtunes are all cheesy and stuff, you need to listen to this song, it's beautiful. listen here.
'wicked little town' - hedwig and the angry inch film soundtrack: what they said^. listen here.
'barlights' - fun.: since i saw fun. live in april, i've started listening to some of their earlier work, and 'barlights' is my current favourite. it was amazing live, too. :) listen here. 
'for crying out loud' - meat loaf: the raw power and emotion and the progression of this song is just insane, i wish could sing like that. listen here. 
'bring him home' - alfie boe, in les miserables: my favourite song from les miserables changes on a weekly basis, and this is my current favourite. listen here. (last weeks favourite was 'in my life/a heart full of love'.)
'i will survive' - leah mcfall: okay, so i'm not the biggest fan of talent shows, but i always tend to watch them just because sitting down for an evening of tv is just something we do in my family, and when i saw leah mcfall perform this song on the voice this year i was just blown away. i believe it got to number 3 in the uk download charts, i think? anyway, it's INCREDIBLE. i can't believe she didn't win! listen here. 

currently reading: 
'the bling ring: how a gang of fame-obsessed teens ripped off hollywood and shocked the world' by nancy jo sales: i'm only about 60 pages in but already i'm LOVING this book. it's written very much like an essay (you can tell it was written by a journalist) so it feels a lot like you're just researching the topic rather than reading a book, which i actually quite like as it keeps the interest going. the chapters are very short, which i like, (i hate having to put aside like a whole hour to read just one chapter) and it's easy to get through quickly. so far i'd recommend it!
'everything is illuminated' by jonathan safran foer: i don't want to give this book a 'bad review', but so far i'm not liking it. i'm about 40 pages in and i just don't want to read any more. it's not really holding my attention and, because half of it is written from the point of view of a man who speaks very little english, it's quite difficult to understand and is one of those books that gives me a headache straight away. i'm going to power through though and i'll tell you what i think once i'm done.

currently watching:
'the call centre': this is a documentary on bbc3 about a call centre in wales and it is HILARIOUS. there's not much else i can say about it really, but if you get the chance, you should definitely watch a few episodes on bbc iplayer.
'hedwig and the angry inch': this is a musical about sexuality and gender identity, essentially, and tells the story of hansel, who later takes his mother's name, hedwig. this had been on my 'to watch' list for years and recently i heard that it was going to be adapted for broadway (starring neil patrick harris as hedwig, which is the perfect casting!) so i decided to finally watch it, and it was amazing! as i said previously in this post, the music is incredible, but so are the costumes and the sets and the story and the characters. i can't believe that so little people have seen this film because it's just perfect, and i'm so excited for it to get more recognition. i also kind of really need to go to new york now haha! x

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