Saturday, 12 October 2013

theatre catch-up

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hi guys! as i've been really busy with college lately i haven't had a chance to write much, but i've seen some crazy amazing shows, so i'm just going to do some quick summaries here for you. :-)

cabaret at the bradford alhambra: i was really excited for this one but it was so far from what i was expecting. the sections that took place in the 'kabaret' and the 'kabaret' acts themselves were incredible and will young was great as emcee, but the rest of the show was very dark. i've never felt much about WWII, i don't think anyone in my generation has because we're too young, but when that guy (can't remember his character name) took off his jacket at the party to reveal a nazi armband i audibly gasped, i couldn't even believe how shocked i was! and if you take that as a marker for my tolerance level of that kind of thing, you can see why i found the rest of the show hard to watch.

sweeney todd at the west yorkshire playhouse: as you can see in the picture, this show started with actors playing patients in a mental illness ward while you took your seats, which was kind of scary, and a bit strange as, if you've seen the fab tim burton film, you'd realise that there is no such scene and i was wondering what kind of show i was about to see. the story was set in more modern times (with mrs lovett's pie shop being more of a cafe) and these 'patients' were actually the stage hands who added a few interludes about the developments in the story as they were changing sets. i was wondering if the man who played sweeney would live up to the majesty that is johnny depp (a.k.a. the love of my life); he played it very differently but it was possibly the best acting performance i've ever seen - i genuinely thought this guy could go on a murderous rampage of the audience if he felt like it. absolutely loved it!

danny elfman's music of the films of tim burton at the first direct arena in leeds: the venue for this show was not even half full - i paid £25 for tickets right at the back and was upgraded to £60 seats in the second block from the stage haha! not complaining, but it kind of made me wonder if this show was going to be any good. 90% of it was just a plain old orchestra; some sections had photos accompanying it but not many. if you hadn't seen the film then you wouldn't have enjoyed that section, and i had only seen about half. it was a very sleepy environment but then the moment that everyone had been waiting for happened: the nightmare before christmas! the actual guy who voiced jack skellington came on stage and sang his parts live! it was just incredible and the 13-year-old emo within me was crying with joy. the audience went insane for this guy, i think we gave him a total of 3 standing ovations? it turned the whole show around, it was amazing!

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