Saturday, 5 April 2014

march wrap-up

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hi guys! march wrap-up time! i can't even believe how much i read this month, this is actually double what i need to meet my reading challenge goals for march. maybe i'll even surpass the 50 book challenge this year?! who knew it could be possible! ANYWAY: let's get on with the books! 

'unhinged' by a.g. howard (goodreads): my thoughts on 'splintered' were mixed (the 'damsel in distress' card was played on practically every page) so i was a bit reserved about 'unhinged' but a.g. howard definitely stepped it up! alyssa's character was a lot more developed and interesting and i felt like, once the initial 'alice in wonderland' story was over, it took on much more of it's own life and i LOVED it! team morpheus all the way! the ending was incredible and i CANNOT wait until january for the next book!

'the lover's dictionary' by david levithan (goodreads): this book was very interesting; it wasn't, like, a great epic love story, but it doesn't claim to be one either. it was more of an exercise in getting a story across whilst working with a limitation, which was very successful, but i just didn't feel connected to the story and i didn't really care about the characters very much. it's definitely a unique read though, and i read it in one hour-long-ish sitting, so if you're behind on your reading challenge definitely give this a go.

'paper aeroplanes' by dawn o'porter (goodreads): i would've loved this book so so much when i was younger, but it just wasn't for 19-y/o me. i have mixed feelings about it; at some points is was very realistic and raw and honest, and at others (especially at the ending) it felt either unrealistic or underdeveloped (what happens to sally in the end was very random and out-of-the-blue - on reflection it's definitely something sally's character might've done but it just wasn't explained enough). i also guessed any and every 'twist' in the story, which, again, is probably just because i'm quite a bit older than the targeted reader. i loved dawn o'porter's writing style though and will definitely be reading 'goose' - even though this book wasn't perfect i'm very interested to see what happens next.

'whip it' by shauna cross (goodreads): maybe one of my favourite books ever?! i loved it! i absolutely adore the film version of 'whip it' and it is very true to the book, so of course i was gonna love it! i felt like some of the characters in the book weren't as developed as in the film and didn't really have any back story, which was a bit disappointing, but otherwise i have no complaints. go read it, and then go see the film!

'annihalation' by jeff vandermeer (goodreads): i won a proof copy of this book on my local waterstones' twitter page, and it is definitely something i would have never picked up by myself but i actually really enjoyed it! it's one of those books that doesn't make that much of an impression on you whilst you're reading it, but once you're done you can't stop thinking about it. i didn't really feel anything towards the narrator at all, i was kind of indifferent about her, but the story she was telling was excellent. definitely going to be picking up the next two books in the trilogy once they're released.

'eleanor & park' by rainbow rowell (goodreads): ahhhh THIS BOOK! everyone has been going on and on about this book for the last year and it is so completely worth the hype! i don't know how rainbow rowell does it - how do you write a book that is nothing but a love story and have it just the PERFECT amount of romancey mushy kissy stuff?! eleanor and park are both such perfect characters, together and on their own; i cared so much about them and i wanted them to be together so badly and they were just completely real perfectly-formed people in my mind. and that ending! oh man, i had to stay up 'til early in the morning to finish it and i was sobbing onto the pages, i was a wreck! emotional rollercoaster or what! this book is perfect!

'divergent' by veronica roth (goodreads) & 'insurgent' by veronica roth (goodreads): OH MY GOD THIS SERIES! i love it i love it i love it! i'm not going to talk too much about it here because i'm going to do a kind of full-series review, so look out for that. please nobody spoil me for the end of 'allegiant'!

thanks for reading guys - please link me to your wrap-ups in the comments! can't wait to get more involved in this community! :)

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