Monday, 7 April 2014

most anticipated releases

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i don't think i've anticipated the release of a book since the harry potter series ended! oh, actually no - i was very excited for 'doctor sleep' by stephen king to come out for a LONG time. however: this is pretty much the first time i've ever found myself waiting on release dates for more than one book. it's such an usual occurance for me but i just CANNOT wait to get my hands on these!

'we were liars' by e. lockhart, published by hot key books - release date 15th may 2014 (goodreads): i absolutely adore e. lockhart and 'the boyfriend list' is one of my all-time favourite books, so i am so so so excited for the release of 'we were liars'. i've heard that there's a pretty astonishing twist and it gets nothing but good reveiws, and i just need to read it! and just look at that cover! it is so beautiful.

'say her name' by james dawson, published by hot key books - release date 5th june 2014 (goodreads): i know pretty much nothing about this book or about james dawson, but when i saw this cover on hot key's tumblr, i knew i had to read it. you guys know horror is one of my favourite genres and this looks right up my street.

'ensnared' by a.g. howard, published by amulet books - release date 6th january 2015 (goodreads): i like to marathon my series so i usually wait til all the books are released before i dive in, but with 'splintered' i was too curious to hold off reading it (kind of appropriate for an 'alice in wonderland' retelling...) and now i'm paying for it with an agonising wait of almost a year for the final book. i just can't seem to get the story out of my head and i cannot wait to delve back into the world. i'm so excited to see where they go with the cover as well - the first two are so incredible and so detailed, and i really want to know which character they decide to use, since they've already used alyssa and morpheus (maybe we'll finally get to see jeb?).

'authority' (goodreads) - release date 8th may 2014 - and 'acceptance' (goodreads) - release date 11th september 2014 - by jeff vandermeer, published by fourth estate: why do i never hear anyone talk about this series?! i found the first book 'annihilation' so interesting and, although i didn't think much of it at the time, i can't seem to stop thinking about it, and i need to find out what happens next. lookily there isn't that much of a wait!

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