Saturday, 12 April 2014

studio sad-times and the lion king

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hello! well the last few weeks have been pretty emotional! the first week in april was our last ever week in our studios at lca. i never realised before how much i loved working at my little desk and how much that space had grown on me (despite being at the end of a long line of desks (meaning i usually got trapped there when everyone was working) and being right near the light box so i constantly had people milling around). we had a couple of days left to do work and then on wednesday night we had to take down all our work, pack everything up and take it all home, which was pretty heartbreaking; especially in my friends' studio spaces in magpi, where the walls were full of post-it notes of things we'd said (we kept them all though, hopefully we'll be scanning them all and making a cute little yearbook). my desk looked so empty and sad without everything in it. :(

in keeping with the 'sad' theme, that wednesday (2nd of april) i went to see the lion king with my family at the bradford alhambra. i usually do full posts on shows but with this one i doubt it would say anything more than how much it made me cry haha. i was sat very high up in the cheap seats which meant i only got to see about two thirds of the stage but it was EXCELLENT. the scenery and props were incredible, and in the first minute of the show i was already sobbing at how insane and amazing the way they brought the animals to life was (the GIRAFFES and the ELEPHANT! OH MY GOD!). the cast were absolutely perfect - i particularly loved little nala and scar (who had an alarmingly sexy voice...). it was very emotional though; the way they showed mufasa's death (i hope that doesn't count as a spoiler?) was breathtaking, but that wasn't really where i cried the most - during the second half there's a song called 'he lives in you (reprise)' which i had never heard before and i was just sat in my seat full-on ugly crying. i'm sure everyone around me could hear me but i couldn't help it. there's a little section in the middle of that song where the spirit of mufasa appears to speak to simba, and the way they worked the scenery to show that was phenomenal. i cannot even begin to describe how incredible it was, it was like i was crying for simba and the beauty of the song and then i was crying because the set blew me away. i cannot recommend it enough!

despite the studio spaces being gone though, the hard work is not over. our deadline is not until the 6th of may, and before then i still have to make my final piece, catch up on documentation and designing, organise a photoshoot, and set up an exhibition, which sounds like a lot (it is!!!) but i've got just under a month and i'm pretty sure i can conquer my massive to-do list haha! i'll let you know how it goes once everything's done and out of the way.

also, just a quick note to say my blog might be changing a little, which you might have already noticed - i want to take my blog down a more book-based route. i spend so much time reading and it's such a big part of my life but i feel like i never talk about it, and none of my friends are big readers so my thoughts on what i'm reading usually just stay locked up in my head, which sucks. so i'm going to start making posts about what i'm reading - mostly wrap-up's but maybe the odd review too, in between my usual life-update posts. i can't wait to share some of my thoughts with you guys!

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