Tuesday, 21 February 2012

i am in love

anybody who is similarly interested in tv shows about small businesses may know who i'm about to talk about. me and my family are addicted to shows like 'cake boss', 'hardcore pawn', and the most famous of them all, 'miami ink', but my new favourite is 'oddities'. i've known about this for ages but recently i've not been able to stop watching it. it's about a boutique in new york called 'obscura - antiques and oddities', and the most beautiful man in the whole world works there.

his name is ryan matthew cohn. he's a bone expert and skull fanatic so whenever anything skeletal turns up on this show, he's right there. smart, knowledgeable guys are so hot and when he reels off this confusing anatomical jargon, i'm just like, "wow." he wears suits a lot too, and i am a massive suit fetishist. anyone who dresses so nicely just to wander the streets of ny is my kinda man. he's so... historical and beautiful and i just wanted to share my new-found love with you all.

you can find ryan on twitter and tumblr, and you can also visit his website and his online boutique. x

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