Friday, 17 February 2012

photo update

1: i'm learning to play the ukulele! my sister bought this really crappy ukulele for around £6 at a charity shop over a year ago and i've been meaning to get my hands on it. recently i've kinda been obsessed with charlie (thank you to my friend lauren for introducing me to this guy!) and his 'duet with myself' convinced me to pick up the ukulele and learn to play it, so that's what i'm doing :) i think i'll need to get a better one if i'm gonna get serious about this thing though, it falls out of tune in seconds and sounds horrible!
2: the colourful stickers that are (supposed to be) helping me to learn some chords haha!
3: i got a ticket to see simon amstell in leeds! i thought they had all sold out but then they released some more and i got one! i'm SO EXCITED. (just as a note i'm not sitting in the first seat, it goes like A1, B1, etc. haha)
4: after complaining about this never being on tv, my sister bought me a slice of our childhood! scooby doo and the ghoul school was our favourite film when we were little. :)
5 + 6: i got noel fielding's 'scribblings of a madcap shambleton' for christmas but i've only recently started reading it. it's amazing! stunning artwork and it smells of crayons, yum.
7: some artwork my friend did inspired me to start serious sketching and this is my first attempt! it's an observation of this photo of allison harvard. it's obviously unfinished but i really like how it's turning out (i've since filled in one of the eyes!).
8: on monday, me and some friends went to pizza express. we hadn't all been together since we went to see the inbetweeners movie in summer and it was lovely to see them all. great food too! :) x

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