Wednesday, 3 April 2013

easter london

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the travel lodge at covent garden has crazy comfy beds!
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staircase inside monki on carnaby street.
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oranges at the v&a. 

hello beautiful people! i recently went to london for the weekend to celebrate my 18th birthday. i absolutely love london and have been dying to visit for a long time; i had been twice before but was too young to remember anything, and this was the first opportunity i was given to actually plan a holiday myself and do all the things i wanted to do there. although london is not that far away, maybe 2 hours on the train, i rarely get to go, so we crammed as much as possible into the 3 days we were there, including the v&a, the natural history museum, the science museum, shopping, and going to see wicked at the apollo victoria theatre. (it was amazing! but a post on that to come...) although doing non-stop tourist things for 3 days has ruined my legs, i had the best time ever.
i had gone with plans to make stop-motions and various videos while i was there but it was ridiculously cold, and definitely too cold to have my hands out in the air holding a camera all the time. i did manage to shoot a few minutes of footage though, which you can see at the top of this post. it's mostly shot at the science museum, as i loved their moving light installations and wanted to capture their full beauty, which couldn't be done with photographs.
this is just a quick summary/update post, and there will be several more in-depth posts with lots of photos to come in the next few weeks, so you have those to look forward to, and i can look forward to writing them! there are so many wonderful and free things to do and see in london; you may think a city break will be crazy expensive but we managed to do it on a budget and had an amazing time.
thank you for reading, and keep your eyes peeled for london-themed posts in the future! :) xx

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