Friday, 27 December 2013

13 things to do in 2013 - revisited

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1. dress cute every day (at least at art college). DONE! i don't dress crazy amazing at college or anything, mostly just jeans and a top, but i feel like getting a job and having money has allowed me to buy some nice new clothes and things, so i definitely feel better about my outfits because i'm not just wearing the same thing every day - instead of wearing just one pair of jeans i now get to choose between two, haha!
2. read at least 15 books. DONE! i thoroughly DESTROYED this goal and actually got up to over 50 damn books this year! WOO GO ME!
3. go see at least 3 shows. DONE! i actually saw 9 shows this year!
4. get an A (full marks) on my textiles coursework. DONE! not only did i get full marks on my coursework, but i also got an A* for my overall a-level. :)
5. pass psychology. DONE! i got a C! which i think is pretty great considering that that last exam was probably put together by satan himself!
6. make at least 3 things from scratch with my sewing machine. DONE!... sort of. early in the year i made a white polka dot swing dress from scratch (very audrey from little shop of horrors), but then other things took over like a-levels, and then college. however, for my textiles a-level, i did make 2 things: a dress and a cape, so it's kind of cheating but i don't care. :)
7. visit london. DONE! i spent a weekend in london with my parents in march and it was incredible. you can read posts i wrote about it here: x, x, x, x, x, x.
8. get my splits. this is the only one i didn't do! getting splits is so time consuming, especially if you want to progress; you have to keep upping the time you hold your stretches so after a few months i was holding everything for like 3 minutes each and it adds up to over an hour worth of stretching and it just started taking over my life! once i started putting together my portfolio and things i stopped having time for it so i decided it was just time to end this dream.
9. get braces. DONE! that's all there is to it, really. :)
10. get a job. DONE! in june i got a 3-month employment contract working in the food department at my local marks and spencer, and then in july i was put on the food & beverage concessions casual staff database at the new leeds arena!
11. go out and get reasonably intoxicated at least once. DONE! love going out with my college girls. :)
12. get into art college. DONE! 
13. make at least 5 stop-motions. DONE! i made quite a few actually; lots were done very simply on LapseIt and most weren't 'planned' or 'scripted' but i made them, and i love them. i'm also very glad that i didn't give up on this one even though it stopped moving me forward in a college/university way.

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