Tuesday, 21 January 2014

100 movies 2013 - end of year update

I DID IT! i watched 100 movies in 2013! 101, to be exact.
i found it so much harder than i expected, especially once i started my foundation course, because i usually get home at 5pm and combined with work, tv, reading, showering, eating, etc., i never had time to sit and actually watch a film. i managed to do it though!
because i found it so hard, as mentioned in my '14 things to do in 2014' post, i've decided to only try for 50 this year. the main reason for this is to put less pressure on myself, but also because i found myself just watching ANYTHING so i could add another film to my list. five or six times i would put a film on and not even pay attention, so i want the quantity of the films i watch to decrease which will hopefully prompt an improvement in quality. :)
  1. the wedding video
  2. the hunger games
  3. LOL
  4. quarantine 2: terminal
  5. katy perry: part of me
  6. child's play
  7. seed of chucky
  8. amelie
  9. ted
  10. flakes
  11. 32a
  12. not suitable for children
  13. hard candy
  14. despicable me 2
  15. dare
  16. recess: taking the fifth grade
  17. avengers assemble
  18. cyberbully
  19. requiem for a dream
  20. detention
  21. the princess diaries
  22. we need to talk about kevin
  23. burlesque
  24. free samples
  25. panic button
  26. kill bill vol. 1
  27. the innkeepers
  28. nine
  29. rent
  30. hotel transylvania
  31. sister act
  32. pretty in pink
  33. the art of getting by
  34. insidious
  35. toy story of TERROR!
  36. the bling ring
  37. spring breakers
  38. step brothers
  39. playback
  40. cabaret
  41. queen live in budapest: hungarian rhapsody
  42. in their skin
  43. mama
  44. the hunger games: catching fire
  45. this is 40
  46. black pond
  47. love bite
  48. anger management
  49. 17 again
  50. the full monty
  51. new year's eve

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